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On demand plumbing that doesn't leave you drained

Quix is New York’s largest, most responsive family of plumbers at your beck and call.

Tap the app or call our emergency line for the fastest service in town. Our very own team is standing by to fix it all—from the biggest flood to the smallest leak.

3 reasons you will love quix

The answer’s yes

There is nothing we don’t know about plumbing. So whatever the project at hand, we’ve got a handle on it. Consider it done.

Always available

100+ plumbers in the Brooklyn tri-state area means we can guarantee the quickest call response, 24 hours a day.

100% reliable

Whether you’ve got an emergency or reserved a time slot on the app, we show up when promised— 100% of the time.

Everything and the kitchen sink

The expertise to do it all, the effort to do it right


Panicking? Don’t!

From a backed up drain to a burst pipe, it’s quix to the rescue. Use the app to upload a photo, or call our 24-hour emergency line.


Struggling? Stop!

New dishwasher? Congrats! Get the install done right the first time by scheduling an installation at the exact time you like.


Proactive? Smart!

Extend the life of your plumbing and appliances with regular maintenance. How? Make quix a regular visitor each season.

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